Mentorship with Coach Justin Mihaly

$500.00 / month with a 2-month free trial and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

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My current mentorship offerings are broken down into three tiers, so you can choose whichever serves you best

While I will go over some blood work items with you, some digestion stuff where needed, whatever YOU need help with I will do but I want to keep the health items pertaining to bodybuilding and making someone the best they can be within their physical progression. Truly, I think the internal health stuff is boring and I want this to be about building physiques and performance metrics – with that being said oftentimes we need to fix the internal to have a positive movement externally and I am very on board with helping get that done!

For each of these tiers, you can go as deep or as shallow as you want with my help. You can send me current athletes and their protocols and get my thoughts on what to do, you can ask me how to run PEDs in men or women, how to best sync insulin and GH, when and how to stress mitigate in prep, refeeding strategies, how to deploy DNP, how to bring back a menstrual cycle in an athlete, how to recover someone post birth control, how to do literally ANYTHING. I’m involved in peaking athletes for folks who need that or starting them out with a basic protocol setup. I will cover whatever you want me to

Nothing is off the table. Use me as you need!!!

Tier One – $500 / month

  • Email access (no calls, no zoom meetings)

*You can email me any question at any time. Whatever it is that’s pressing right in front of you, email it over and I will respond with as much or as little detail as needed to best explain the prompt or situation at hand

  • Guaranteed 48-hour response time (usually will be faster than 48 full hours I just ask for that time)

  • Contact Hours: Monday-Thursday 10a-6p CST

  • 30-min consult calls are $100 if needed ($200 for non-mentorship folks)

  • ready – these will be INTENSIVE for everything you come prepared with. I will also zoom record these and send to you after.

Does this sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Then view my pricing options right below this and let’s get rolling! After purchasing, be on the lookout for the questionnaire and pic request which will send as an automatic response 🙂 WELCOME TO #TEAMMIHALY



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