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If there’s one thing I hope to achieve as a coach it’s to allow my clients to see what they’re truly capable of by being able to see through the “noise” that has flooded the fitness industry.

From Keto-Kits, fat-burners, booty bands, waist trimmers, & even cookie-cutter training plans claiming you’ll be shredded in 8 weeks, these are all examples of products that are designed to prey upon your greatest insecurities.

From wanting a bigger butt to a smaller waist to being shredded, these are all manipulative “noise.”

Fitness isn’t a consumable product.

It’s the literal manifestation of multiple lifestyle changes that formulates over time through the dedicated & consistent execution of habits tailored toward your unique traits & overall goals/aspirations.

Every one of us is unique & as your coach, I will help you learn more about that uniqueness & help you achieve your fitness ambitions.

My intention with each of my clients is to help them obtain life-long skills that’s not only conducive to their physical growth, but also their mental one.

I’m not here to sell you a product & wish you luck.

I’m here to be by your side 24/7 making sure we bring those ambitions to fruition.

Getting in “shape” is not complicated.

It’s just highly misunderstood.

I remind my clients that crushing their goals & enjoying their life is not only possible, but critical to their success.

It’s through this realization that not only will they continue to strive beyond their time with me, but also free them from this “noise.”

The potential to be great is within each of us, but what hinders potential is misinformation.

I’m here to eradicate that misunderstanding so that you as my client can come to see how powerful you truly can become.

What Clients Can Expect From Me:

    • I won’t sugarcoat what needs to be said. I want you to succeed & I will push you when pushing is needed.
    • I love science. I hate bullshit. On this team & under me, we will be utilizing tried & true methods that will get you results. Not empty promises.
    • Let me do the stressing & you do the work. Helping you achieve your own fitness goals is both a privilege & a passion of mine. There’s nothing more that I want than for you to grow both mentally & physically, knowing that you are capable of whatever you set your mind too.

What I Expect From Clients:

    • A team is only as good as the trust that bonds them. I want my clients to trust me as I trust them.
    • You are what you do repeatedly. Results aren’t easy, but they’ll come. Excellence is not a singular act, but rather a habitual pattern of actions.
    • I encourage all of my clients to ask as many questions as they want. I don’t care if my phone literally explodes in my face, I’m here to support you & that’s what I shall do. Remember, I’m here with open arms & literally there’s no such thing as a “stupid” question, no such thing as a “mistake” that can’t be expressed, & definitely no such thing as an obstacle that cannot be overcome.  I expect communication to be 100% open and honest.

If you are ready, then be prepared to work hard & dig deep because it’s Time to Work.


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