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#TeamMihaly does everything at a high level. I ask for clients to be intelligent folks who are able to critically think and execute simple instructions, as I will not babysit nor hold hands every day of the week. But what I will do is get you in the best shape of your life – and I’ll provide you with a big and supportive #TeamMihaly family that’ll cheer you on as you crush your goals!

I began taking in-person clients around seven years ago after learning the basics and acquiring a desire to help others achieve goals previously thought impossible. Quite like my journey. Flash forward seven years later and we’ve built a brand that people know and recognize. And we’re still growing.

I’ve spent the last seven years dedicating myself to the sport of bodybuilding fully taking the dive around 4 years ago.

During that time I’ve become extremely confident in my ability to help others make a shift in their life. I have watched many men and women come to me in one state of mind and physique, and watched them transform into a greater, more complete, and more fulfilling version of themselves.

My greatest honor and life purpose in the last couple of years has been helping others not only transform their bodies but their minds. Knowing that people have made real life shifts is the best impact I could ever ask for.

And I want to help you!

I expect:

  • Coachability in all areas. I need you to be willing to not only push your body to its limit but your mind as well. Be willing to learn, communicate openly, and get better every day in all facets of life.
  • Communicate Openly. Please feel free to communicate with me when it’s needed. If you have a question; ask. If you need something explained; ask. Check-ins are where I receive as much communication as you can give me in response to your check-in questions. Answer those questions thoroughly.
  • Execution. I will work around almost any situation you need and expect you to be willing to work with me. Not against me. That is proper execution in my books. Crush every variable that is given and leave the thinking to me.

Athletes Expect:

  • More than a coach. I tend to be viewed as an “Elder Brother” role and that’s the role I take with my Athletes. We are a family who all win bodybuilding shows. I will go above and beyond to guarantee your growth in all areas of life.
  • PASSION. I love this sport, it has given me so much and you can expect me to exude that passion in every way. From how I coach to how I compete. I love this shit. Coaching others to see dreams come true is one of the most special facets of my life.
  • Proven Results. Backed by REAL anecdote and REAL research. Look, I am constantly learning and trying to become the best bodybuilding coach on the planet. My athlete results show that. I have formulated through education from multiple sources and can refute or back up any claim that I have. Facts are; my athletes win. I’ve never had a client not place. And they stay healthy. That is what you’re signing up for.

This sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Then view my pricing options right below this and lets get rolling! After purchasing, be on the lookout for the questionnaire and pic request which will send as an automatic response 🙂 WELCOME TO #TEAMMIHALY


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