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About Me:

Hey, I’m Danielle Kusenberger; you can call me D if you’d like or Danielle works perfectly. I’ve always been an athlete at heart. This competitiveness drove me to play volleyball growing up then transferred into becoming a bodybuilder, more specifically a competitive bikini competitor. I’ve done many competitions working my way up to be better and better. Bodybuilding is a huge part of my life; I live, eat, sleep, and repeatedly push myself to become the best competitor I possibly can become. But, my passion was too big for just working on myself.

Nothing lights me up more than helping others achieve their goals. Creating impact is one of the first words I would choose to describe as my role in life. Every day I wake up with the goal to make others’ lives around me brighter; from the athletes on my roster to the strangers in the gym, my goal is to enhance their lives when they speak to me.

In March of 2019, I started in-person coaching but in July of 2020, I officially started online coaching. My goal with every athlete on my roster will not only achieve their goals but will also to grow their knowledge, and confidence, and become more and more proud of themselves throughout their journey. The proof is in my past and current athletes themselves; and there is one reason for this, my competitiveness in pushing myself as a coach to impact your life not only through accomplishing your goals but also by evolving your mentality.

As your coach, I promise you that in our journey together, not only will you achieve your goals but you’ll also become the best version of yourself. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge, and confidence, and learn what it means to be a high-level athlete. If you’re a competitor, you have my word that we will bring your best package to stage every competition we choose to do. On my team, we work for wins in every protocol, in our progress, in our mentality, and in our entire journey.

Here’s what you can expect of me as your coach:

  • In-depth feedback: I will provide in-depth feedback and will always communicate clearly with you. If you have questions about anything, ask and I’ll always educate you to ensure you understand the reasoning behind my answers and protocols. I want all athletes to understand why their protocols are created the way they are and to be educated throughout their journey.
  • I’m going to hold you to meet a standard: On Team Mihaly, we train with the intent to leave the gym better than we walked in, we execute protocols with the intent to achieve goals, and we hold ourselves to meet high expectations. I will hold you to this standard from day one.
  • 24/7 communication with me: There isn’t a time that you can’t message me, any time, any day you can message me via WhatsApp and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Education: I want to lead and coach my athletes with the most knowledge I can grasp. It’s important that your coach is knowledgeable and continuously educates themselves on the science within the body, nutrition, as well as every aspect of fitness and health. Therefore, I am constantly learning more to better myself as a coach and athlete.
  • Care, passion, and trust: I’ll always show up for you; every day, every check-in, in every call/FT because I care. Your goals are my priority. They mean just as much to me as they do to you. I will ensure we achieve your goals while prioritizing your health along the way. Therefore, it is extremely important that trust is established within our coach and athlete relationship. This ties into communication; if you have a question, always ask.

And what I will expect of you as my athlete:

  • Clear and honest communication: throughout our time together, it is important in a coach-client relationship to have honest communication for many reasons like ensuring you as an athlete are progressing within my assigned custom protocols, prioritizing your health is in a great place at all times, and pushing your understanding of the progress and changes you will undergo in your journey with me as your coach.
  • Holding high a standard: Not giving into lazy excuses and showing up as best as you can every day. You will have days of low motivation or long days at work still having to crush protocols; on those days your job is to still show up for your goals and self. I am here to help keep you accountable but I will not hold your hand. On days that are tough, you can message me for motivation but, it is your job to execute protocols with intent.
  • Train and execute protocols like you have a goal because you do: When you sign up with me, you’re signing up because you want to achieve your goal. Make sure you hold yourself to the standard that I have set for you too. This means executing training like a Team Mihaly athlete. If you are newer to training I will teach you how to train with intent, execute with proper form, and overall leave the gym better than the day before.
  • Educate: Keep up with the education provided within the Team Mihaly page and information I provide within our group chat or 1 on 1 feedback. Apply the knowledge to your training and all protocols; this will only take your progress further within our journey and make you a better athlete.

This sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Then view my pricing options right below this and lets get rolling! After purchasing, be on the lookout for the questionnaire and pic request which will send as an automatic response 🙂 WELCOME TO #TEAMMIHALY


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