Full Coaching Services w/ Brittany

FROM $200.00 TO $950.00 

I started lifting when I was 15. I was very thin and very intimidated by the weight room. I forced myself to go in there every day and put myself to work. Over a period of time, I developed an intense passion for training that blossomed into a love for bodybuilding and competing. I built a great deal of muscle but even more so, I built a great deal of mental fortitude.

After 7 years of lifting, I stepped on stage for my first figure show at 22 years old this spring under the guidance of head coach Justin Mihaly. I view the body as your canvas. You get to design and sculpt it the way you want it to be. Bodybuilding is my form of creativity and art, and I want to share that with the world. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping others reach their mental and physical goals. Whether that’s simply to lose 10 lbs or to step on stage for the first time—my job is to guide you to reach your goal.

I give you the ingredients, you make the cake. My expectations for my clients are pretty straightforward:

  • Consistent – It takes a lot of time to formulate training plans for clients with specific goals. If you can’t adhere to the plan then you won’t be a coachable client. I push you, I do not babysit you.
  • Enthusiastic – I am a very down-to-earth person and it will be made clear to you when you start with me that I will act a lot like that funny friend as well as your coach. I love to see the passion behind what you’re doing, whether that’s sending me training videos or how you’re feeling. We aren’t robots—act human! This is more than a business transaction to me.
  • Disciplined – If you want something hard to obtain, like 9% body fat or a crazy transformation, you are going to really have to push through mental hurdles. Your life is going to have to change. I need you to understand that you will be challenged before you sign up with me. This isn’t a cookie cutter IG fitspo plan.
  • Constructive – We build each other up. We are able to take criticism. We support other team members and we don’t trash talk other clients or teams. We are always full of positive energy, and we don’t have room for negativity.

I look forward to working with any client ready to make huge changes to their health. I am always continuing my education and knowledge in this field, and I take your health and happiness very seriously. Contact me and let’s get this coaching started!


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