Full Coaching Services w/ Brandon, IFBB Pro

Starting at 3-Month Commitments

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#TeamMihaly does everything at a high level.

I am an IFBB Pro that knows what it takes to put on a lot of muscle and reach extreme levels of conditioning. I am very passionate about helping others get in the best shape of their lives. I strive to motivate and educate each of my clients while we crush every aspect of training and nutrition. I have been in the trenches of prep and have also felt the difficulties of putting on tissues. My goal is to help each client look and feel their best while transforming their body.

Sign up with me if you are wanting to step on stage and win shows. Day one we will assess your physique, talk about your goals, and make a long term plan of attack. I want clients that have that same “lion mentality” that I have. A strong mind can get a person anywhere they want to go. I can provide the knowledge and expertise, you just have to be willing to put in the work. I am confident that I have all the tools and knowledge to help individuals reach their physique goals. When you sign up, you are not only signing up for a team, you are considered family.

I expect:

  • Communication: Thorough communication and feedback. I want my clients to be 100% in every single day. Attack the plan relentlessly and we will achieve our goals together.

Clients expect:

  • Results: I will provide very quick feedback and make necessary changes with each check-in. I am excited to crush things with you together. I will combine my current knowledge with my eagerness to learn to make sure each client has the best possible plan in place. I am in this with you. We are a family. Let’s get to work!

This sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Then view my pricing options right below this and let’s get rolling! After purchasing, be on the lookout for the questionnaire and pic request which will send as an automatic response 🙂WELCOME TO #TEAMMIHALY


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