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My name is Austyn Tokar. I’ve been an athlete all my life, playing most sports like baseball, football, soccer, and track. I went on to play football at the collegiate level before suffering an injury requiring surgery. Playing football was my life, so it was a tough realization but I had to come to terms that my college career was over before it even started. Weight training was always a part of my athletic career so making the shift from football to bodybuilding was relatively easy. Fitness and competing in bodybuilding shows gave me life just as football once did. My life revolves around bodybuilding, competing, coaching and education.

I’ve been training clients in person from 2016 to late 2020, making the shift to online coaching in 2021. The difference in results clients see now compared to then is immaculate since we can control so many more aspects. There are two things I especially love about coaching, pushing clients to their fullest potential and teaching. My goal with every client is not only to help them achieve their dream physique but help them create an unstoppable mindset that delves into all aspects of their life.

This is your journey and I’m here to guide you. Whether you’re a competitor or a lifestyle client, you can expect to be pushed to your absolute limits and then some.  

Expectations of me as your coach:

Tell me about your expectations of the athletes

  •  Education: As I said previously, I LOVE to teach and if I can, I will teach you everything I know in our time together. I’m always learning something new and furthering my knowledge. There’s always more you can learn. I have a lot of knowledge and tools in my belt, so be prepared to learn.
  • You will be held to a standard: Not only I will be holding you to a standard but on this team, everyone holds each other to a standard that MUST be met. There is no room for the faint of heart.
  • Communication: I make myself very openly available to my clients. Whatever you need, I’m there.
  • Respect: For even considering coaching, you have my respect. It shows you’re open to change and willing to learn from someone more experienced. You will NEVER be talked down to here; no one person is better than the other. Everyone has an area of their life they are particularly good at, this just happens to be mine.
  • Results: It doesn’t have to be stated but I’m going to state it anyway; you’re going to get results with me. I’m going to push you further than you thought you could go and I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. You came to me for a reason and you’re going to get what you paid for.

What I expect from my athlete:

Tell me about your expectations of the athlete

    • Honesty: Above all else, I ask for honesty. I need you to be honest with me and for damn sure with yourself. The coach-client relationship is like any other relationship; if you want it to work, you have to be honest. I can only run off of what I see and the information you give me, so to reach your highest potential we have to be as accurate as possible.
    • Set a standard for yourself: Not only will you be held to a standard on the team but you should be setting a standard for yourself to hold. Have non-negotiables, you should be relentless in pursuing your goals.
    • Be open to learning: You should be very open-minded and listen to what is being taught but also be objective with everything you are being taught. If you are confused or don’t understand something, ASK ME. I promise you will learn a lot more by asking questions than you will by just doing what I say.
    • Follow protocols exactly: The best results come from clients who stick to the plan and do what needs to be done. Things will come up that you can’t control and that’s okay but if it is within your power, do it.
    • Enjoy the process: Too many times I’ve seen clients not enjoy the journey for what it is, being hyper-focused on small things that come up. That’s just a part of life. Know where you’re going but be in the moment every second of it because you can’t get that time back.

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