Full Coaching Services w/ Kelly


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Kelly is a recent college graduate who holds a B.S in nutritional science and is
continuing her education in Boston, MA to become a registered dietitian. Kelly fell
in love with fitness at a young age, so much so that she began her first bikini
prep at 17 years old. She has since then competed in 10 regional level shows and
has earned multiple national qualifications within the NPC bikini division.
Kelly has been through many phases throughout her own fitness journey. Her
personal experiences and education have helped shape her unique approach to
coaching. Kelly will be your biggest cheerleader, but is not afraid to give you a
verbal kick in the butt when you need it. She has a true #TeamMihaly mindset
and expects her clients to adopt that mindset as well. Kelly loves educating her
clients every chance she gets, so ask ALL the questions. There are no silly
questions when working with Kelly.

Kelly’s goal as a coach is to show you that carbs aren’t scary, lifting heavy won’t
make you “bulky” and that you are capable of accomplishing anything that you
set your mind to. Kelly truly believes in each and every one of her clients to reach
their fullest potential. Not only will you make an incredible physical
transformation working with Kelly, but your mindset will shift completely.
Feel free to shoot Kelly an email to ask any and all questions about her coaching!
She’d love to talk with you.